FITT Fam Classes



FITT Fam classes give families a unique way to spend quality time together while exercising in a safe, controlled environment

We offer two types of FITT Fam classes for families; Junior FITT for adults with children ages 7-12 and Teen FITT for adults with children ages 13-17

FITT Fam classes are conducted in a group setting; however, we have each adult and child exercise together as partners 

Adults set the example for children by demonstrating the importance of exercise and being physically fit


Instead of being cooped up in the house watching TV or playing video games, the FITT Fam classes are a fun and exciting way for families to spend quality together and get that much needed exercise.   

Instead of using traditional free weights and dumbbells, we will incorporate our patented FITT Rack into the FITT Fam classes.  Sarge FITTs patented FITT Rack is an all-in-one and portable body weight exercise equipment

The FITT Rack gives the kids that “playing on the monkey bars feel” and provides a safe way for them to exercise

The FITT Rack enables adults to have that much needed confidence to finally be able to perform a pull-up


FITT Fam classes have families perform a variety of high intensity timed bodyweight exercises.  We have families jumping around, running, and performing squats, push-ups, pull-ups and so much more


Bodyweight exercises are safe for families to perform because they are functional mimicing everyday activities while strengthening muscles and bones


We are able to modify all exercises to meet the fitness level of each participant without effecting the quality of the FITT Fam class

We will teach families correct stretching and exercise positions decreasing the risk of injury